Fiona Glen

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Image: DreamsTimeFree: Soft Tissue, TACO!

For Grinding, for Slicing, for Tearing

Three-part prose piece for the second edition of DreamsTimeFree, Soft Tissue, published by TACO! in 2021. Grinding / Slicing / Tearing obsesses over the dental, focussing in on major-minor events at the only locus in our bodies where we are normally able to see our bones. Insides meet the outside, soft flesh holds long-rooted prongs of hard enamel, and baby teeth wobble precariously on the  faultlines of growth.
DreamsTimeFree is an annual publication series of artists’ experimental writing, published by TACO! (Thamesmead Arts and Culture Office). You can read more about DreamsTimeFree and buy the limited-edition Soft Tissue publication here. This edition includes texts by Anias, Comer, Anneka French, Beth Kettel, Blaithin Mac Donnell, Donald Butler, Dunya Kalantery, Elisina De Zulueta, Esme Boggis, Fiona Glen, Gina Prat Lilly, Hannah-Dargavel-Leafe, Harriet Bowman, Holly Graham, Jessa Mockridge, Kaiya Waerea, Kyle Kruse, Laura Ní Fhlaibhín, Meara Sharma & Lucy Sparks, Ruby Reding, Sara O’Brien, and Theo Turpin.