Forthcoming: Mycoglossia, collaborative poetry pamphlet with Nina Hanz, HVTN Press;
‘Palettes of the Gods’, essay, My Daughter Terra anthology

2022 – ‘On Alberto Balsam’, poetry, You’ve Got So Many Machines, Richard!, an Aphex Twin anthology, Broken Sleep
2022 – ‘Through Hagstones’, drawing, Blue House Journal: Stone
2020 – seawitch, I watch you’, experimental essay, SPAM Plaza
2021 – ‘membrane exchange’,  The Digest Reader, zine supported by TACO!
2021 – ‘wolfish / this heart is’, poetry, FDBNHLLLTTFNOCTURNAL, Sticky Fingers Publishing
2021 – Yeast & Headtail’, poetry, Tentacular Magazine
2021 – Grinding, slicing, tearing’, experimental fiction, DreamsTimeFree: Soft Tissue, TACO!
2021 – Meat Dreaming’, experimental drawing and writing zine, Sticky Fingers Publishing
2021 – ‘(un)like death warmed up’, essay, Dark Mountain 20: Abyss
2021 – ‘SLIMY, STICKY, SWEET’, essay and video (from conference presentation), SPAM Plaza
2021 – As Syrup’, poetry, AWW-STRUCK, Poem Atlas
2021 – ‘Three Poems’, FDBNHLLLTTFHORROR, Sticky Fingers Publishing
2021 – Intertitles’, experimental writing anthology review, MAP Magazine
2021 – Leaves, alive and otherwise’, essay, Still Point Journal
2020 – Sharing Grounds: A Commonplace’, review, 3:AM Magazine
2020 – ‘Contagion Closer to Animal’, poetry collaboration with Nina Hanz, ARC
2020 – ‘Distant Tenderness: Molly Morphew’, review, ArtDaily
2020 – ‘A pissing match over tigers’, long-form poetry, The Pluralist
2020 – Pipe Down’, fiction, Attention anthology
2020 – Contact’, photography series, ARC Magazine
2020 – ‘Heal Underfoot’, essay, Simulacrum Journal
2020 – ‘Eco-Visionaries’, long-form review, Art & the Public Sphere
2019 – ‘Primordium’ – performance script – Arvid&Marie
2019 – Turning’, letter, Letters to the Earth anthology, HarperCollins 2019 – ‘Welcome to Elsewhere’, essay, NOIT Journal, Flat Time House
2019 – Weighting’, poetry and prose, Le Grand Kanthology
2019 – The Present Moment: Sonic Acts’, review, Aesthetica


Forthcoming: text commissions for IOU Theatre; Dark Mountain 22; Jessica Wetherly’s Aspex Gallery exhibition catalogue

2021 – transient guardians, guarding transience, poetry and cyanotype prints, Magical Octopus Sequel, Knockvologan Studies
2021 – ‘fable’, text for catalogue of Jessica Wetherly’s exhibition, Tele(gram): frequencies of the forest (Bilbao)
2021 – ‘boundless’ + ‘transmission’, poems for Pollination’s refugees welcome campaign, Open Culture: No Borders
2020 – ‘Gently as our days bite’, 11-part micro-fiction series, Robert Young Antiques
2020 – The Best Park Ever’, hand-drawn map and text, HORRID! Covid 4: The Park
2019 – Ground Up, 18-minute audio work commissioned by ICA / BBC New Creatives
2019 – ‘<>’, text response to Jessica Wetherly’s RCA MA show, Laboratory

Events & Workshops

2022 – Inside Your Mouth Are Mountains, three-week experimental writing course, Camden Art Centre, London
2021 – A More-Than-Human Story, ecological writing workshop, Baker Street Productions, online
2021 – Gut Feelings: Voicing the Visceral, three-hour experimental writing workshop with Esme Boggis, TACO!, London
2019 – You Enter Into a White Room, three-day art writing workshop with Harri Welch and Lucy Holt, AcrossRCA, London
2019 – Playing Houses, (project manager) three-venue day programme, Flat Time House, London
2016 – *immersions, curating screening series spotlighting Levantine moving image artists, Al Ma’mal Gallery, East Jerusalem

Group Exhibitions & Showcases

2022 – Octopus’s Garden, recorded poetry for group exhibit with Knockvologan Studies, De Vishal, Haarlem (NL) 
2021 – Magical Octopus Sequel, cyanotypes & audio work for group show, Knockvologan Studies, Isle of Mull (UK) 2020 – Small Talk, My Animal, curatorial text & audio piece for group show (online)
2020 – Letters in Lockdown, letter on lungs read by Jessica Hynes for Culture Declares (online)
2020 – Current Transmissions, Ground Up shown as part of ICA x New Creatives showcase, ICA (London)

Readings, Presentations & Panels

2022 – Still Point writers’ showcase, Reference Point, 180 The Strand, London
2021 – Winter Party, Sticky Fingers Publishing, The Glory, London
2021 – Mouth Parts, group show curated by Molly Morphew, St Margaret’s House, London
2021 – Write the Earth, Baker Street Productions for Reading Climate Festival, Reading
2021 – Aww-Struck: Creative and Critical Approaches to Cuteness, University of Bristol & Royal Holloway, online
2020 – Creature, Stranger, Monster, Other, panel discussion chaired by Dame Marina Warner, RCA2020, online
2020 – Obsessed! panel discussion chaired by Sally O’Reilly, RCA2020, online
2020 – Attention! anthology launch, Morocco Bound, London
2019 – Le Grand K broadcast by thisistomorrow, World Metrology Day, Science Museum, London
2019 – Le Grand K anthology launch, Gossamer Fog, London


2021 My Daughter Terra (forthcoming), partial copy-edit
2019 – Attention! anthology (published 2020), partial copy-edit


2020 – MA Writing, Royal College of Art (UK)
2017 – BA International Studies, Leiden University (NL)
2013 – International Baccalaureate