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Photography by Karoly Tendl


Prose poetry on desire and weightlessness, contributed to artist-led publication Le Grand K: an anthology, an obituary, a response by artists and writers from the Royal College of Art to the dematerialisation of the kilogram. The first edition of the book launched on World Metrology Day as the new definition of the measurement unit came into force. Le Grand K is available to buy from Gossamer Fog gallery, where it was launched with a night of performances and installations, and from Dasha Loyko (please contact Fiona Glen). Read more about the publication here


Where does it originate, the longing for lightness? Do other ground-bound animals dream of flight?
In water you seemed untethered, but this was an illusion.
Effortlessly, you exerted yourself against the full body of a sea or river or pool.
For small beings within an atmosphere, weightlessness lives alongside other unattainable fantasies of the absolute (say, perfect accuracy).
But that doesn’t stop the void from calling. And so, your force of reason protectively anchors itself against the drift – a necessary tension, nearly erotic.
Lifted, it would be a short step from sublime to sublimation; beware an evaporation in ecstasy.


We speak of a heavy look, a light or cool one, caught or thrown, cutting or gentle.
All weight-sensation depends on contact – how things touch.
You may rest your eyes on someone whose beauty soothes their soreness.
You may find the heat burning on your skin, enough to make you turn and search for a source.

Launch at Gossamer Fog with readings & performances by:

Fiona Glen @fiona_____glen
Dasha Loyko & Allan Gardner @dashaloyko @allangardnerr
Judith Hagan @judeahagan
Flo Ray @f.l.o.r.a.y
Andrea Khôra @andrea_khora
Luca George @lucage0rge
Name Surname @cctvselfie
Demelza Toy Toy @demelza.toytoy
Károly Tendl @overtobias
Dario Srbic @dariosrbic
Marijn Ottenhof @marijnottenhof
Cameron Randall @cameron_randall_
Farvash @farvash
Julia Wolf @julialupuscula

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Images: Karoly Tendl