Fiona Glen is a Scottish writer and artist currently living in London. Her work is concerned with ecologies, creatures, and compassion. She is particularly curious about what happens when writing gives voice to unexpected entities – what could a stick of chalk tell us about deep time? How would a series of corporate octopus logos interpret their purpose? These are the questions Glen’s work asks – although often they are too unruly to answer. 


Fiona Glen is a Scottish writer and artist interested in the complex relationships between humans and our fellow animals, and in the lives of objects and materials. For her final MA Writing project at the Royal College of Art, she wrote Cephalopodomania – the manuscript for a short book that follows the slippery figure of the octopus through contemporary culture. Glen’s writing has been published in periodicals including Aesthetica, NOIT Journal, 3:AM Magazine, and Art & the Public Sphere, as well as in compilations including Le Grand K and Letters to the Earth from HarperCollins. She has performed at the London Science Museum and has been commissioned to create audio and multimedia projects by BBC x ICA New Creatives and Robert Young Antiques. Glen also works part time as a writer for a creative experiential agency, and has programmed arts events in London, Jerusalem, and Montreal. She is currently working on children’s stories, her first novel, and finding the right home for Cephalopodomania