Photography by Fiona Glen

Ground Up

18-minute audio work commissioned by BBC New Creatives x ICA In Production, December 2019. Ground Up takes us into the wake of October’s Extinction Rebellion protests, where five objects scattered on London’s streets go unnoticed – but notice more than you might imagine. The piece aired on BBC6 in January 2021. In February 2020 it had been showcased to live audiences and in an exhibition as part of the ICA’s Current Transmissions showcase.

Ground Up is available here in full at The Wireless Theatre Company. In summer 2021, it will be aired and included in a scriptwriting workshop by Radio Helsinki.  

On the backs of the bronze lions, a child is sitting.
I see the bottom of his boots, with pale patches where I am ground up into his step.
His chin is round and so are his eyes, looking out over the crowds, the tents, the city.
I see a trace of my body, etched into his fingerprints.
And now, absentmindedly scuffed over his cheek. 
We both continue...


Written & Directed by Fiona Glen
Produced by Nikta Mohammadi
‘Gum’ – Esme Boggis
‘Teabag’ – Olivia Brady
‘Glue’ – Fiona Glen
‘Moss’ – Greg Esplin
‘Chalk’ – Ellora Torchia
Sound Design & Composition by Babak Mirsalari
Foley Recording by Kaveh Soori 
Script Consultancy by Molly Morphew & James Ireland